HDOE (AY 2016-2017; polled February 2017)

Aliamanu Elementary Christy Chin (all K-3 classes take Mandarin; 21 classes~420 students) 

Campbell High School  Helen Kong (Chinese 1A~16 students; 1B ~15 students; 2A~9 students; 2B~10 students)

E-School Chuyang Baideme (AP Chinese~10 students; Chinese 2~8 students) 

Farrington High School  Anna T. Uemura (Chinese 1A~7 students; 1B~2 students)

Hahaione Elementary Angelica Roth (K-grade 5~530 students; 45 minutes every 6-day cycle)

Kaiser High School Yi Lee (Level 1~55 students; Level 2~50 students; Level 3~26 students (combined with IB DP Chinese SL Year 1); Level 4~19 students (Combined with IB DP Chinese SL Year 2)); possibly offering Chinese 5 in 2018-19

Kalaheo High School Kwong Tan (Level 2~12 students)

Kalani High School Chuyang Baideme (Level 1~36 students, Level 2~27 students)

Kamaile Academy (charter) Julie Pacheco (Level 1~1 student; Level 2~2 students)

Kamiloiki Elementary Dong Xiaojun (K-grade 5~406 students; 40 minutes once a week)

Kokohead Elementary Lina (Wei) Ling (335 students)

McKinley High School Alvin Nip (Level 1~37 students, Level 2~9 students, Level 3~10 students, Level 4~2) Period 2  Chinese I and II Combined; Period 5  Chinese I, III, and IV Combined (hardest and most difficult to teach)

Mililani HS Mengying Lunsford (Level 1~12 students; Level 2~2 students)

Moanalua High School Helen Lau (Level 1~27 students; Level 2~16 students; Level 3~8 students)

Niu Valley Middle School Jessie Wu (72 students in 3 sections of IB Middle Year Program)

Waipahu High School Anne Kwan (Level 1~18 students); Chih-ling Chao (Level 2~11 students; Level 3~6 students)

Past programs (now defunct):

Aina Haina Elementary

Kahala Elementary

Kainalu Elementary

Myron B. Thompson Academy

Nuuanu Elementary

Paauilo Elementary/Intermediate School

Pearl City HS/ Highlands Intermediate School

Kathy Lin (2012; level 1~24 students)

Highlands no longer offers Chinese due to the fact that Pearl City High School is unable to secure a Chinese teacher.

Radford HS

Voyager Charter School

Wheeler MS


Private K-12 (snapshot: February 2017)

Asia Pacific International School Vivi Ris (戚颖颖)

(Two classes~3 middle school and 2 high school students)

Hawaii Baptist Academy Christy Qin (Chinese 1~10 students; Chinese 2~13 students; Chinese 3~8 students; Chinese 4~5 students)

Hawaii Preparatory Academy Anne Kuang, Julie Lie 

Iolani School Ivy Hou, Rebecca Lin, Ngan Ta (Beginning~65 students; Intermediate~70 students; Advanced~30 students; after school~? students) 

Kaimuki Christian School

Lili Zhang (K-5, and 9), Robyn Ahn (6-8), Elizabeth Wang (9-11)

K-5 meets once a week for 15-minute enrichment lessons~150 students

6-8 meets once a week for 46 minutes~70 students

9-11 meets daily for 46 minutes, levels 1, 2 and 3~30 students)

Kamehameha Schools I-Ling Ogawa (江依菱)

(Three levels at grades 9-11~10 students)

La Pietra Miya Huang (Chinese 1~8 students; Chinese 2~6 students; Chinese 3~5 students; Chinese 4~2 students; Chinese 5~3 Students; Intro to Chinese~23 students)

Le Jardin Victoria Adams (Lower School)

Lynnette Shimabukuro (Grades 6-8, IB Middle Year Program~32 students)

Zhang Li (High School)

Maryknoll School Hsiaoying Chen, Liyu Wang, Jane Luo (all K to 6~748 students; John Trowbridge (high school: Chinese I~16 students; Chinese II~17 students; Chinese III~10 students)

Mid-Pacific Institute Daisy Pei (level 1~24 students; level 2~20 students; levels 3 & 4~11 students; IB Chinese Beginners~8 students).

Punahou School   The Chinese Language Program at Punahou School offers three types of language learning: Chinese classes for seventh through twelfth grade students, Foreign Language Exposure (FLEX) program, and an after school Mandarin Chinese Immersion program. There are currently around 900 students studying Chinese at Punahou School from kindergarten to the twelfth grade.

Punahou has two Chinese teachers in the Junior School (elementary and middle school) and four Chinese teachers in the Academy (high school). The Junior School offers two years of Chinese (equivalent of Chinese 1 at the Academy) to seventh and eighth grade students. The Academy Chinese classes have five levels, from Chinese 1 to Chinese 5 Honors, plus a Chinese Heritage 1 class for students with strong Chinese heritage background. Many of our Academy students take the AP Chinese Exam and continue 3rd year Mandarin in college.

The Foreign Language Exposure (FLEX) program is offered to the elementary school students in first and sixth grade. First graders experience an introduction to Chinese language and culture through games, songs, arts and crafts, and various cultural activities for two semesters during the school year. Sixth graders also receive a Chinese language and culture experience for a trimester during the school year.

Punahou’s Wo International Center offers an after-school Mandarin Chinese Immersion program for students in kindergarten through grade three. This program provides a cultural and theme-based immersion environment to help students learn Mandarin through activities and play.

In addition, Punahou students also have opportunities to visit China. The Wo International Center offers a Capstone China Trip every summer to rising seniors.  The program provides opportunities for students to interact with Chinese youth through community service and experience immersively the Chinese language and culture. The Wo International Center also offers a trip to China for middle school students during spring break to visit schools and experience life in China by doing a home-stay.

Lastly, Punahou is a member of the School Year Abroad (SYA) Consortium, which provides high school Juniors a full year living abroad in China. Through the years, about ten Punahou juniors have spent their junior year living with a host family in Beijing while attending SYA. Punahou seniors also have an option to spend a second semester in Yunnan to conduct intensive project-based student research through the Sidwell Friends School China Fieldwork Semester (CFS).


普納荷的中文課程主要是從初中七年級開始,一直到十二年級,現有漢語學生人數將近400人。除了學校正規的漢語課程之外,普納荷小學部還設有的體驗外語」課程項目 。 小學一年級共有150 個學生, 每個學生都學習中文,每週一次,由中文老師教簡單的生詞、會話和兒歌。另外,幼兒園到三年級的學生可以自由報名參加下午由Wo國際中心提供的沈浸式教學中文班 。學生在全中文的環境中學習漢語。

從初中七年級開始學校提供一級到五級的正規漢語課程,每週上課四或五天,教授字體包括繁體字和簡體字。普納荷漢語教學利用電腦科技為學生提供多元化的學習環境。在教室內, 老師採用輕鬆活潑的教學方式, 以加強學生互動,並提高學生學習漢語的興趣。在教室外,老師們使用網上教學平台,為學生提供網上學習漢語的環境。 中文四高的學生第二學期每個星期六上午也會到Palolo老人之家提供社區服務,除此之外,高二或高三的學生也有機會參加“海外學年”,在北京學習一年。高三的學生也可選擇第二個學期在雲南留學一個學期。每年藉由本校Wo國際中心的Capstone China Trip, 高二學生也有機會在升高三的暑期到中國做社會服務及學習中文, 直接與中國的青少年互動。

普納荷漢語課程為學生提供豐富多彩的課程項目,希望藉此幫助學生愛學漢語,愛上漢語 。

St. Andrews Priory Tsun-hui Hung (Level 1~16 students)

St. Francis School Mengling Tan (CH 2~8 students; CH 3~7 students; CH 4~20 students; CH 5~7 students)

Past programs (now defunct):

Sacred Hearts Academy

Post-Secondary (Spring, 2017)

Hawaii Pacific University  Alice Dong (Beginning 1~12 students; Beginning 2~10 students; Intermediate 2~11 students)

Kapiolani CC Carl Polley, Xi Yang, Shu-Hsing Yang (Beginning~51 students; Intermediate~35 students; Advanced (Chinese culture)~62 students)

U of Hawaii at Manoa

Chinese section: Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures

Level 1

(Fall): Qiong Wu, Song Jiang, Jing Wu (72 students)

(Spring): Kai Liu, Jing Wu, Yijun Ding, Reed Riggs (63 students)

Level 2

(Fall): Kai Liu, Di Sun, Liulin Zhang, Jing Wu (63 students)

(Spring): Qiong Wu, Kai Liu (27 students)

Level 3

(Fall): Xi Yang (12 students)

(Spring): Haidan Wang, Jing Wu (18 students)

Level 4

(Fall): Haidan Wang (17 students)

(Spring): Song Jiang (15 students)

Level 5

(Fall): Liu Kai (10-15 students)

(Spring): Liu Kai (10-15 students)

Content Courses (taught in Chinese on a rotating basis)

Anthropology 378c: Ethnography of China: Shilun Chen

Political Science 308: Chinese Political Economy: Kate Zhou

Music 478c: Ethnomusicology of China: Yuan-yu Kuan

Economics 416c: Economics of China: Xiaojun Wang

History 411: Local History of Late Imperial China: Wensheng Wang

Flagship Tutoring Program (all levels): 

Susanne DeVore, Yunhe Sun, Mengying Zhai, Shiqing Cao, Zhening Zhang,          Chang Liu, Vivian Li. 

Confucius Institute at the U of Hawaii at Manoa (non-credit courses)

Deng Xiaowen, Wang Shuangmei, Wang Jiaying, Zhang Yue Weekend classes. (Mandarin for Young Learners~6 students; Chinese for Beginners (Part 1)~20 students; Chinese for Beginners (Part 2)~5 students; Chinese Level 2 (Part 1)~24 students; Chinese Level 2 (Part 2)~20 students; Chinese Level 3~14 students; Business Chinese~11 students. Total: 100 students (enrolled over 2 sessions)

Community and Private Language Schools (Spring, 2017)

Chinese Language Learning Center—Ting Shao, Peter Ko, Kathleen Gao, Mia Huang; Teaching Assistant: Emily Xu (Levels of Classes: Ages 2-3, 4-5, 6-12 Beginners; 6-12 Advanced; Adults; Individual Tutoring~77 students)

The First Chinese Church of Christ Preschool  第一華人基督教會幼兒園 —Lily Lu呂吳天莉 (2-5 years old; 30-40 minutes/week, about 40-49 children)

Hawaii Chinese Immersion School

Hawaii Chinese Language Institute

Mun Lun School—Board members: Wilbert Chee, Howard Lau, Maylani Chang+

Principal: Mengling Moulden. Principal Assistant: Mei Qin Mao.

Teachers: Lv Chang Au, Sau May Chan, Mei Rong Du, Xiaoping Fu, Steven Gong, Ai Rong Li, Yong Ping Li, Xiao Qing Liang, Lilian He Liu, Jun Ran Lu, Lili Shan, Yi Shi, Hau Sing Suen, Lucy Siu Wu, Yuan Ling Yu, Hsin-Yi Lee, Yuk Siu Leung, Qihua Li, Hang Cheng, Jianling Li, Vina C. Quick, Luning Liu

Week-day classes~160 students. Saturday classes~228 students.

Total: 388 students.

Pacific Asian Affairs Council

After-school Chinese classes:

taught at Farrington High by Shu Hsing Yang (level 1~4 students)

taught at Mililani High by I-Ling Ogawa (level 1~ )


Hoo Cho Chinese School (Closed in 2013)